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cuckoo for clocks

carla fahden

Wow, I guess I really like clocks. I didn't know this until I started looking for one for our house. I was looking for a clock to hang in our living room, but now I need one in every room. I came across about three times this amount of favorites, but pared it down to my top 10.

Retro Modern Wall Clock,Agate Clock,Copenhagen Modern Wall Clock,Talin Wall Clock,Bank Calendar Alarm Clock,Kitchen Timer Retro Modern Wall Clock,Raw Clock,Vitra,Modern Animal Hedgehog,World Time Clock

I've never been much of a collector, but if I was, this would be a fun thing to collect. Antique clocks are abundant on Etsy and they aren't pricey at all. Here are some vintage cuties.

clocks 2

Vintage Mechanical Alarm Clock,Vintage Orange Jerger Alarm Clock,Vintage Deco Electric Alarm Clock,Vintage Westinghouse Electric Alarm Clock,Vintage Orange Mid Century Alarm Clock,Vintage Russian Mechanical Alarm Clock

To my surprise, Anthropologie didn't have any clocks. They did however have a clock headboard and I like how they added the little sheep and

pup to the photo.