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cozy corners

carla fahden

Do you ever go to a drag queen Christmas cabaret on a Monday night and drink one too many vodka sodas and feel like you'd rather snooze away in a cozy corner all day instead of drag yourself outta bed and face the hustle and bustle of Manhattan? Me too!

I have had googley eyes over this first image below for months. It's cozy and luxe and vintagey and modern and just all around wonderful. Thanks to Fern and Rosy we will never be able to have classic crisp white sheets in our master bedroom, but maybe we'll incorporate some of those bad boys into the guest room.

There are so many great things going on in these spaces: the fur pillows, the wallpaper, the quilt, the headboards... it makes me wanna screw our decorating priorities and get to work on the bedrooms. But alas, our mudroom and family room are on the top of our list right now so I'll just have to stash these purdy pics away and wait. And yes. Mudrooms deserve to be decorated in my book.

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