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carla fahden

Hey hey, chickie poos. What's shaking? I've been in NYC this past week and am ready to head home tomorrow night for some maxin' and relaxin' this weekend.

It's no secret that I am a fan of winter and that the snow and cold doesn't really bother me. However, I will say that NYC is much more enjoyable any other time of the year than RIGHT NOW. This place doesn't know how to handle snow, I tell ya. You can't get from the street to the sidewalk without ending up balls deep in dirty, crunchy slush. Tomorrow they're getting yet another 6" so I'm glad to be getting the eff outta dodge.

I asked the hubby last night what I should blog about today. He suggested Shaun White or Bob Costas' pink eye. [Insert awkward silence here]. In other news, I've picked out yet another Dooney & Bourke leather bag I wanna get my mitts on along with a ruffly white top to add to my ever growing collection. Throw in some comfy kicks, a pair of sunnies and a little pom-pom friend and I'll gladly come back to NYC when the snow melts.

1) etoile isabel marant sonia ruffle top 2) oliver spencer sid round frame acetate sunglasses 3) smathers & branson fox credit card wallet 4) sophie hulme large pom pom man keychain 5) dooney & bourke drawstring bag 6) buttondown denim skirt 7) beige-gold new balance sneaker