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1370 North Arm Drive
Orono, MN 55364


country bumpkin!

carla fahden

Today's the day! My pipe dream is a-comin' true! This morning we are closing on both our new and old house (yes! we sold it!). And then we're moving out to Lake Country to live the simple life in our dream home. Whenever John Prine's Spanish Pipedream comes on my crackly-ass old Jeep radio, I crank it up real loud and cruise around in Tootsie without a

care in the world.

Fern and Rosy are going to freak out when they see their new 1.6 acre lot of wooded land! Have a great weekend! Orono or bust!

1) confetti cube pendant 2) jasper bolster 3) ikat herringbone bolster pillows 4) vintage moroccan rug 5) edge writing desk 6) mounted longhorns