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carla fahden

Valentine's Day is coming up so I thought I would share an adorable little love nest I came across a couple of weeks back. It's always fun to see favorite items of my own (striped duvet cover + whale pillow) in someone else's space. I love how this room is so mix-matched yet it all goes together.

So I decided to try and recreate this look with some similar pieces. This is the first time I've done this and found that by recreating someone else's style, it taught me new ways to pair pieces together. It would be a great starting point for redecorating a room in the future.

Fun fact: for a little pop of color (like the blue books on the nightstand), try searching for vintage books on Etsy. I am definitely going to order a couple batches to place around our home for some character and color (not to mention it will make us look smart).

Here is the coveted bedroom:

And here are some pieces I was able to hunt down for a similar look:

Moby Dick Pillow, Work Lamp, Decorative Vintage Books, Floral Scarf Print Pillow, Red Orange Poppies Painting, Hive Vase, Draper Stripe Ash Duvet Set, Vintage Brushed Brass Gooseneck Lamp