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coffee talk

carla fahden

Yesterday we finally bought the perfect couch for our living room. I had thought I found the perfect one a couple of weeks ago, but then it was delivered and I realized that even thought it technically fit, it looked monstrous in our small living room. So

it had to be returned. But yesterday, after literally months of searching, we found the perfect fit. I love it. Jack loves it. Fern... doesn't seem to know the difference.

Anyway, now I'm on the hunt for a coffee table. I have never had much luck in the past finding what is considered to be a "traditional" coffee table. So I've improvised with alternatives such as an upholstered ottoman, a set of low stools, and an antique trunk. But this time around, I'm hoping to find an actual table.

Before I show you my top picks for coffee tables, I HAVE to share this adorable mushroom stool I found. I want to get this and use it as an end table:
Mushroom Stool

Okay, now for the coffee tables. Here are some options I like. I'm also including a couple of stools and end tables that would work if used in a pair.

Petrie Leather Ottoman,Wicker Ottoman,Moss Grellow Coffee Table,Mango Wood Round Stool,Storage Ottoman,Bello Albero Coffee Table,Sevilla Ottoman