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Totes McGoats

carla fahden

Today we are on the road again and heading back to my parents' place in 'Sconie. This is the fifth road trip to visit friends or family at a lake-type setting since Woody was born. Five trips in seven weeks! That feels like something to be proud of for some reason.

With the amount of weekend trips we have been taking, we really ought to invest in some proper totes and duffles and such. As I'm sure anyone with kids and dogs can attest, packing the car for a little two-day getaway can quickly turn into a hot mess. I always start out packing all neat and organized the night before but it all goes awry the next morning in a frantic hurry to get the last minute crap in the car so we can hit the road. You've got the dog food… the baby bottles… the stack of magazines… shit, did I remember my slippers? Oh, here they are, I'll just stuff them in this plastic shopping bag amongst the dog leashes, baby monitor, wrapped birthday present and container of fresh strawberries we better bring so they don't go to waste. Actually that's a lie, the strawberries were forgotten on the counter last week making for a fun moldy welcome home surprise.

Enter this aesthetically pleasing mix of totes and duffles that I've spent many car rides daydreaming about. With my new packing plan, Jack, Woody and myself each get a duffle bag.  Fern and Rosy share a tote for their leashes, treats, etc. Woody's diapers and car ride necessities fit nicely into this equestrian crossbody shopper. And the final tote will house my magazines, chargers, Catch Phrase, yadda yadda. Voila! We'll pull up to our destination and when asked if we need help with our bags, we'll effortlessly pop the trunk and be like "oh, you mean this perfectly-packed lot of lovely luggage?" (tooootally something Jack would say). And then, since this is an imaginary scenario, after unpacking we'd all enjoy a couple rounds of vodka sodas and my sleep-deprived ass wouldn't fall asleep after three sips.

Deep breath. Amen.



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