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Our House : Living Room

carla fahden


WORLD! Just when you thought I had turned into a frazzled new mom that spends her spare time changing diapers, scrubbing muddy paw prints out of the carpet and basically doing anything OTHER than decorating, I got up at 5am (thanks to Fern licking herself on the bed) to post these photos and announce our living room is DUNZO. To say this room didn't take long to complete is like saying Bruce Jenner isn't transitioning into a woman. It has been almost four years since we moved into our house and while this room wasn't necessarily empty that whole time, it certainly didn't look like this.

I knew when we bought this joint that decorating it was going to be a labor of love. I love our house so much that I want to live here forever. Like, until I die. This means we will need to get one of those motorized chair things to transport me up and down our steep, narrow, not-up-to-code staircase and I'm okay with that. So with that in mind, I've been trying to let each room come together over time (I mean, you don't just collect an 8" stack of J Crew catalogues for the side table overnight) vs. racing out to West Elm to load up on stuff I'd probably get sick of.

This is the first room you see when you walk in our house. It's also kind of connected to the kitchen so when peeps come over, this is where we hang. Or at least this is where I will now force us to hang and sit our asses in the custom upholstered wing backs that I waited like five months for. Doing like I do, I had been collecting inspiration since we put an offer down. I wanted this space (and the rest of our house) to feel collected and homey and represent US (Jack, Woody, Fern, Rosy and the voices in my head that told me to mix an embroidered Mexican throw pillow with a buffalo plaid throw blanket). Below are photos of how everything turned out. And while I don't wanna sound like a Bragging Bonnie, I do have to say I'm proud of how it finally came together.

For more house pics, click here.

P.S. A shout out to my mom who made the quilt / wall hanging.  :)


Our House : Woody's Nursery

carla fahden

When I was prego and Woody would be kicking me too hard or keep me up at night, Jack would scold him by saying "Woody, go to your womb!" Get it!? Yeah, we thought that was pretty funny. I'm finally considering the nursery officially complete. For those who have come out to meet little Woody, you might be all like "whatchu talkin bout Willis?" because the room probably looked "complete" a month ago. And for the most part it was. But not until this week were the window grid inserts that Jack custom made finally finished and installed. So now the room really is DONE AND DONE.

I won't even pretend that I'm not excited about how this room turned out, especially since it was an empty space as of 8 weeks prior to my due date - yes, I had ideas and plans brewing in my head but we hadn't purchased a single thing. Oh, I had bought a bib on sale at Baby Gap. And then I found out that newborns don't even wear bibs.

Alrighty then, let's get into it. Click here to see what the room looked like when we bought the house. Major updates include skim-coating the walls, getting rid of the popcorn ceiling, adding recessed lighting, replacing the carpet, new baseboard, crown moulding and trim, new windows and new doors.

Here's da crib. If the safety police are reading this, don't worry we take the boatload of throw pillows out when Woody's snoozing. In fact, for the most part they just lie in a pile on the floor and do not get perfectly placed back inside like this every time the little peanut wakes up. Ain't nobody got time for that. My mom hand knit the little doggies and I strung them up with tiny jingle bells to make the mobile. The roman black-out shades are custom made from chambray fabric. Jack requested they have little pom poms sewn to the bottom. Tee hee.


Here's a close up of the mobile. Caaaa-yoot!

This is the custom built in cabinet-shelf-bench thingy that we had made. The upper left part hides a heating and cooling unit that we had to have installed as this room was an addition and the previous owners didn't think to do any ductwork. Jack and I have lots of fun nicknames for the previous owners. The pillows are fromEtsy and John Robshaw. Thebunny rabbit off to the left was a gift from my friend Quinn and it's the bomb dot com. It's a night light and gives just enough light to feed the little cherub in the middle of the night but not so much that he's like 'wait is it daytime? should I be up and alert right now?'

Here's the shelving unit in all it's glory. Jack and I designed it ourselves and a carpenter fella did a bang-up job constructing it to fit perfectly. The drawers fit up to 1,300,000 onesies. The paint color is a color match for 'gravel' by Restoration Hardware and is lacquer, making spills easy to wipe up. Not that Woody will ever spill, heavens to Betsy, no.

Lots of good times go down at this here changing table. That monkey is running for dear life because there's a baby boy who's been known to randomly pee up into the air when getting his diaper changed. Changing table is from Amazon and the baskets are from Overstock. Framed photograph is by Sharon Montrose.


Another cute hand knit situation going on here. This is "Woody's Wabbit" and my mom made him. This photo looks like it was taken by a creepy undercover spy or something but it was really just me trying to be artistic.

Another shot of the crib with the Get Along Gang off to the left and a faux fur beanbag from from RH Baby & Child off to the right. The needlepoint 'love' pillow is from Jonathan Adler. And I can't believe I haven't mentioned the wallpaper yet!!! I have coveted it for years and am so happy with the decision to cover all the walls instead of just an accent wall. The jury is still out on whether Woody will grow up to love horses or have an abnormal fear of them. Speaking of horses, here are some more. Jack is scared of the one with the afro. I purchased a set of vintage horse figurines on Etsy and I may or may not spend my maternity leave days sprawled out on the nursery floor playing with them while Woody naps.

Well look at that fun bunch. The cutie on the far right is my childhood teddy bear, Boo. And the monkey on the left is Jack's. The pretty blue blankie is a hand knit specialty from Jack's mom. And OMG that is the white noise machine in the bottom right and should not be in the picture! Shame on me. Bad art director.

Shout out to Jack for turning an Ikea wingback into a rocking chair.  Thanks to my werk friend Joe for sending usthis how-to. The quilt was made by my mom and has little trees and gnomes on it. And yes, it has a name : Woody's Woobie. Side table was my Grandma O's.  Wellllll, that concludes the tour, ladies and gentlemen. Now let's turn our attention to the man of the hour, little Woody! He is five weeks old today and he is everything.


Our House : Master Bathroom

carla fahden

It's a Christmas miracle! I finally took some photos of our new house this weekend. By "house" I mean the only room that is worthy of sharing on the internets. And by "new" I mean the house we moved into 9 months ago, which means that it really isn't all that "new" anymore but calling it so excuses the fact that it's still almost completely unfurnished. Before you scroll further, you should take a peek at the before pics found here and here. Eh hem. So, yeah. This was one of the bigger parts of our remodel. We combined an ugly purple room with an ugly yellow room with an ugly yellow hallway to make one big master suite which now consists of a bedroom, walk-in closet and this here bathroom. I am very proud of this space as Jack and I designed it from scratch. Everything from the floorplan to the toilet handle to the tile grout was chosen by us. Big shout out to Dahlmeier Construction Services for their work on this room and our entire house.

Wanna take a lil' tour with me?

bathroom1 Here is a photo I took from inside the shower. Those blue and white stripes reflected on the front of the tub are my shirt. This cute little tub was on the main floor bath when we bought the joint and may very well have been original from the 1920s. We had it refinished (sans the adorable little black feet) and moved it upstairs. One of my favorite things to do is take a bath, look out at the snowy woods, and read my mags.

bathroom2 Another tub shot. This window looks out into our backyard. The window treatments were custom made with fabric from a great site called Stone Textiles. The reclaimed wood tray along with all the wood shelving is also custom from a shop I found on ebay.

bathroom5 As you can see, this is our shower. No real commentary here other than 5% of my waking life is spent squeegeeing that glass. Rugs are from Burke Decor.

bathroom7 I'll take credit for installing that walnut toilet seat, thank you very much! It has magic powers and closes very very slowly so you never have to hear the toilet seat slam shut. The print is by Sarah Intemann, vintage candle sticks from here and we don't know who that young boy is but he watches us pee.

bathroom8 Here's a lil' shelving vignette to the side of our sink. It's where I keep my makeup brushes, my foo foo juice (as my dad calls it) and our pet gator.

bathroom11 Awwwe shit. Here's the custom basin/vanity that Jack and I designed! We used a chest from Crate and Barrel combined with a tile top, vessel sink and wall mount faucet. There are a lot of cheesy-ass vanities out there and this was the way to go fo' shizzle. Lighting is from Schoolhouse Electric. I found the vintage toothbrush holder here which is perfect since it's from the '20s (when our house was built).

bathroom10 Here's a shot from when you enter our room at the top of the steps. If/when I ever share pics of the rest of our house you will see that another major part of our remodel was replacing all doors and windows and adding all new trim/base/crown.

bathroom4 My back still hurts from lifting them in there so I hope you enjoy this photo thoroughly.

Well there you have it! One room down, twelve to go.