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can I get a light?

carla fahden

So I'm sure I've mentioned this 100 times, but I'm redecorating our living room/dining room. I've purchased about half of the things on my wish list and still have a ways to go. Our living room is a disaster zone right now.

This week I have been looking for a dining room table and chairs. Bigger purchases like this usually take me a while. Also, we are trying to sell our current set on craigslist (which is turning out to be sketchy as hell), and I don't want to buy a new set until we have the old one outta our house.

Anyway, as I was going about my search, I stumbled across a lamp. Which lead me to another lamp. And then another. And pretty soon I was no longer looking for chairs but lamps instead. This is okay because I found some real beauts and we're going to need new lamps soon enough.

Santa? Are you reading this? I need two lamps and any of these will do, thanks!


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