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the calm before the storm

carla fahden

S'up! I'm back, baby! I've had a great two weeks off from work, blogging and life in general... but am really eager to get back at it. I'm especially anxious because the demo on our house starts a week from today! I thought we'd be done by now - yeah right! Our tiny little bedroom/bathroom remodel has turned into a full-blown-entire-house-overhaul. We're doing everything from the floors,

to the bannister to the toilets to the...

Instead of ramble on and on about the huge laundry list that's going to make our house basically unlivable for the next 6 weeks, I decided I will share some deets each day this week so you poopsie pies can really get an idea of what's in store. Is this gonna be fun or what!?

Today I'm sharing the overall color palette/look and feel...

I've had my eye on these Tom Dixon Copper Shade Pendants for over a year, so we finally ordered three to cluster together in our living room. They are gonna look amazeballs hanging from our super high vaulted ceilings! Next up: Jack and I made a decish yesterday on the tile we are going to use to surround our fireplace (which will sit beneath a large reclaimed wood mantel). I need to call up my buddy Nelton at Exquisite Surfaces today to order these bad boys since they will take 6 weeks to arrive. Also included below are a couple of swatches I'm awaiting from John Robshaw, the color of our new Room and Board sofa, a graphic rug we're considering for in front of the fireplace and just two of the six paint samples we currently have up on just about every wall in the house.

Stay tuned this week for more specific plans for our new house. And hey, I missed you guys!