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bye bye bathroom!

carla fahden

Tomorrow morning our bathroom remodel begins! The contractor called Friday to tell me they got the permits and are ready to start, so I have been walking on air all weekend. Not since our kitchen have we taken on another big project like this. Since we did the kitchen ourselves (and by "we" I mean "Jack"), it dragged on for months and months. So we decided to bite the bullet and hire out for this one. The only drawback is ... um, we won't have a shower for over a week. So I'm going

to be a loud and proud dirty hippie if you see me (don't worry, AJ + Sarah, I'll find a shower for your wedding).

While we aren't doing anything structural to our guest bathroom, we are replacing just about everything in it: sparkling new bath tub, shower fixtures, a tile wall around the tub, thick glass doors instead of a shower curtain, new floor tile aaaand wallpaper!!! I am so excited to get rid of our disgusting tub and boring floors, fixtures, etc.

I'm still picking

out a wall sconce, rug and a couple other odds and ends, but here are the goodies I've had picked out for a while...

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Showerhead by Grohe from Ferguson, Subway Tile from The Tile Shop,Marvis Whitening Toothpaste,Swissco Horn Toothbrush, Chrysanthemum Black & White Wallpaper, Pure and Good Hand Soap,City Scene Supreme Egyptian Cotton Towels, Black Hexagon Tile from The Tile Shop