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brooklyn beauty

carla fahden

I am so in love with this home. This is where Miranda Brooks, Contributing Editor at Vogue, and her architect hubby, Bastien Halard, live. It's an old row house in Brooklyn (yes, Brooklyn) that they completely transformed into this magical home that feels plucked right out of the country. You can read all about it right here.

Now, while the style of this "decor" isn't necessarily what Jack and I would choose, what I love about it is that it looks REAL and lived in. It's layered and imperfect and just looks like a home where people with good taste kick it with their kiddies. As we work on our own house, I am definitely steering away from coordinating and matching and over-planning and am instead just collecting things we love. Someday (years from now), I hope that it has this same homey, comfy feel.

It would also be nice if our animal visitors included a pony (as seen below), vs the dead mouse Rosy snuck in Saturday night.

Time to get back at it... Happy Monday!

images via Vogue