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breakfast nooks

carla fahden

Word to your mother.

Today we are here to talk about nooks. Not the kind babies suck on, but the kind you cozy up in, sip coffee in and read US Weekly in while your

bearded hubby cooks up a delicious brekkie for you.

So get this. I flew out to LA (for my work trip) a day early so I could scour all of the vintage furniture shops LA has to offer. I had this vision in my head of all these quirky, beautiful, well maintained odds & ends sitting in resale shops just WAITING for me to fly out and rescue them from the land of fake boobs, smog and fake boobs. I even emailed stylist Emily Henderson and she gave me a nice list of places to hit up.

But the shopping day was a total bust. I found a few rad pieces at Inheritance, but sadly not enough to warrant hiring a shipping company to get them back to Minnesota. Other than that, everything I saw was just picked over mid century modern stuff, and I can't say I'm a huge fan of that style.

Okay then. Where am I going with this? Here's where.

Enter Jack. He emails me a Craigslist listing yesterday with the perfect bench/table/corner combo that we can use for our soon-to be-breakfast nook (aka "cozy corner"). For a mere $150. It's the perfect size, perfect clean shape, just perfect. It's currently a glossy wood finish, but we will sand her down and have her sprayed/enameled white along with the kitchen cabinets. I'm pumped. Jack saved the day. Breakfast nooks rule.

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(love the tulip table!)

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