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branch out

carla fahden

Ooh lala. Branch has lots of cute stuff right now. Of the many many sites I visit on a regular basis, Branch is one of my faves. I love how rustic and nature-y their stuff is. They've also got lots of great gifts at reasonable prices. They're big on the whole 'sustainable design' thing, which I will admit is never really a big selling point for me. But if you have the chance to buy something that is environmentally friendly, I guess, hey... why not?

Anyhoo, here are some of the goods I wanna add to my Christmas list. I LOVE the plaid blanket and want to curl up under it and take a nap with Fern. Then we can romp around and play with Mavis the Monkey in the incredible winter wonderland outside!


Monroe Tea Towel,Velo Tea Towel,Isometric Chair,Tracks Plaid Blanket,Wood Salt and Pepper Shakers,Figure Pillow,Mavis the Monkey,Simus the Rhinoceros