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bookshelf basics

carla fahden

If you are looking for a way to freshen up your

space, but don't want to spend any moola, your bookshelf might be the perfect place to start. If you're like Jack and I, you've got tons and tons of books in every size, shape and color scattered throughout the house. Round 'em all up

and then start sorting. You can sort by color, size, hard cover/paperback or just do a random mix. Then stack away in your favorite bookshelf for a whole new look. For extra character, plop a couple of framed photos throughout or add a cute little brass figurine. Voila!

Here are some great examples of using bookshelves for more than just function.
Interior Design by Albert Hadley

Interior Williams by Bunny Williams

Interior Design by Hilary Thomas

Interior Design by Lulu De Kwiatkowski

Interior Design by Carolina Irving

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