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blanket bracket

carla fahden

Aweeee shiiiiiiiit. That's right, fellas, I'm doing a BLANKET BRACKET. Bet that got your attention, didn't it?

These are the kinds of ideas Jack gives me when I ask what I should do a blog post on. And since my brain is a jumbly mess this week, I decided to take his idea and run with it. Of course after he poured himself a cup of coffee and came to see how my post was coming, he got all worked up. "You can't have just SIX! You need sixTY. And then people can vote and you can have finals and it needs to be in multiples of fou...".

So, okay. This isn't technically a bracket

(not sure I even really know what that is), but it's

a good mix of blankies that would look pretty draped over your sofa while NOT watching basketball next week (which is what I'll be doing).

Peace, homies.

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