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better than a throw pillow

carla fahden

Nothing ties a room together like a pet. I came across Pets On Furniture, a weekly feature on Desire to Inspire, a few months ago and had vowed to make a Monday morning ritual out of sipping coffee and ogling the fuzzy friends. Somehow, the site totally escaped me and I forgot all about it.

Well the collection of pixel-packed pet pics managed to find me once again! And now I am late for work because I can't stop scrolling through the archives. Here are a few of my faves... not only because the animals are adorable but because the rooms have great style too.

Happy Tuesday! Actually it's more like a Thursday since tomorrow is like a Friday and Thursday is like a Saturday... so Happy Thursday!

interior design blog | pets11

interior design blog | pets4

interior design blog | pets2

interior design blog | pets

interior design blog | pets7

interior design blog | pets3

interior design blog | pets6

interior design blog | pets8

interior design blog | pets9

interior design blog | pets10