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better off red

carla fahden

First things first, it snowed all day yesterday so I am happily perched in my white leather swivel chair with a blinding flood of light bouncing off the pretty white fluff-fest going on outside our den window. 'K. Just wanted to get that out there. Now onto more important matters...

...Like the incredibly crush-worthy spaces below that I've been staring at for the past hour! I've got to say, of all the interior designers' sites I troll on a regular basis, Betsy Burnham's takes the cake. Her ability to mix color, patterns and unexpected twists(see framed poster below that drops the F-bomb) keeps me coming back for more. That, and her affinity for the color RED! This isn't the first time I've blogged about her brilliant use of red, and I'm sure it ain't gonna be the last.

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Okay. NOW you may view the photos I've pulled from Betsy's site.

interior design blog | betsy burnham3

interior design blog | betsy burnham4

interior design blog | betsy burnham2

interior design blog | betsy burnham