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best of etsy: pretty up your walls!

carla fahden

Listen up people! If I come over to your place and don't see any artwork on your walls after I've posted this, you are in big big trouble! Prettying up your walls is not that hard and it doesn't have to cost an arm and leg.

Lately I've been making trips to Goodwill and stocking up on frames. I could not believe the selection when I went for the first time, and they continually replenish it. Buy a gently used pretty frame for $4.00, take out the creepy Jesus illustration, swap in a funky print and voila, you've got yourself a one-of-a-kind piece of artwork! (If anyone asks, the frame isn't from Goodwill, it's "vintage.")

So now that we've got the frame issue out of the way, on to the artwork. Etsy is a great source to find photography, illustrations, paintings and more. I've put together a quick collection of some prints I'd like to add to our house. After pulling these together I realized that about half of them are of animals. I like animals. You may not want to hang a picture of a kitty in your home, and that's okay. Search for things you're into... if you're a number crunching finance-y type person (hi Bill!), you can search for vintage flash cards. If you are a salamander (hi Rusty!), search for lizard illustrations to hang in your aquarium. Anyway, you get it.

Here are my faves. Most of them are under $20. Cheap!


Lady and Dog Vintage Photo ($1.50!)

Woolly Sheep at Rest ($30.00) I love this one because it looks like Fernie.

Love Poster ($30.00)

Toast Print ($40.00)

Beach Wagon ($5.00)

Black Cat ($10.00)

10 mil besos ($20.00)