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best of etsy: all aboard!

carla fahden

I come across this look a lot and I love it. Stacking vintage suitcases is a unique (and affordable)

way to add charm to a room. Here are a few great examples of using vintage beauties as bed side tables, entryway accents, etc.

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I had found some vintage suitcases on Etsy while working on my last Best of Etsy post. So I decided to search for more. Oh my! There are a ton of options. Here are just a few of the many train cases and suitcases I found (don't buy them all before I can!!!).


Monarch Blue Train Case,Set of Three American Tourister Suitcases,Brown Faux Leather Suitcase,Vintage Upcycled Suitcase, Brown Tweed Train Case,White Leather Suitcases,American Tourister Suitcase,Paper Covered Suitcase,Samsonite Suitcase