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bedroom beauty

carla fahden

Here are five great bedrooms that make me want to throw our bedroom out the window:

Interior Design by Pam Voth and Tim Barrall
White duvets always look so effortless and clean. I've tried all-white bedding in our master bedroom but it only lasted 24 hours thanks to Fern. I love the soft wooly blanket and the vibrant throw pillows. The sheer window panels make this space look so calm and inviting.

Interior Design by Callie Jenschke
This is my favorite of the bunch. I love the rustic ikat coverlet, the dainty white quilt and the neutral yet interesting sheets and shams. I would never think to buy a gold floor lamp but it looks just perfect with this combo.

Interior Design by Jarlath Mellett
This space is all in the details: the ornate molding on the walls, the subtle artwork, the globe pendant and the detailing on the armchair. This room looks too pretty to actually sleep in every day, but I still love it.

Interior Design by Ellie Somerville
Love love love that rug! And the wood floors. And the bearded captain painting. Did I already say I have a favorite in this post? I'm changing it to this one.

Interior Design by Ryan Korban
The artwork above the bed is a little disturbing, but other than that I like how this space is packed with pieces that all work together. Throw a furry pillow into the mix and you've got perfection.