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bathrooms on the brain

carla fahden

Oy! There are few things I loathe as much as cleaning the bathroom. My mum is coming to visit tomorrow and I wanted the house to be nice and sparkly for her, so I just got done power-cleaning. Since I am a neat freak, I actually enjoy cleaning the house... except for the bathrooms.

While I was inhaling Lysol fumes, I was dreaming about what I would do to give our bathroom a makeover. Other than a new tub, I would love to add wallpaper (including the ceiling), a new faucet and handles for our pedestal sink and some old-school teeny tiny floor tile. A bathroom overhaul isn't going to be happening anytime soon for us, but it doesn't hurt to collect inspiration in the meantime.

Here are some adorable bathrooms that I would LOVE to clean:

Interior Design by Albert Hadley

Interior Design by Ashley Putman

Interior Design by Lulu Powers

Interior Design by David Cafiero

Interior Design by Celerie Kemble