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Our House : Master Bathroom

carla fahden

It's a Christmas miracle! I finally took some photos of our new house this weekend. By "house" I mean the only room that is worthy of sharing on the internets. And by "new" I mean the house we moved into 9 months ago, which means that it really isn't all that "new" anymore but calling it so excuses the fact that it's still almost completely unfurnished. Before you scroll further, you should take a peek at the before pics found here and here. Eh hem. So, yeah. This was one of the bigger parts of our remodel. We combined an ugly purple room with an ugly yellow room with an ugly yellow hallway to make one big master suite which now consists of a bedroom, walk-in closet and this here bathroom. I am very proud of this space as Jack and I designed it from scratch. Everything from the floorplan to the toilet handle to the tile grout was chosen by us. Big shout out to Dahlmeier Construction Services for their work on this room and our entire house.

Wanna take a lil' tour with me?

bathroom1 Here is a photo I took from inside the shower. Those blue and white stripes reflected on the front of the tub are my shirt. This cute little tub was on the main floor bath when we bought the joint and may very well have been original from the 1920s. We had it refinished (sans the adorable little black feet) and moved it upstairs. One of my favorite things to do is take a bath, look out at the snowy woods, and read my mags.

bathroom2 Another tub shot. This window looks out into our backyard. The window treatments were custom made with fabric from a great site called Stone Textiles. The reclaimed wood tray along with all the wood shelving is also custom from a shop I found on ebay.

bathroom5 As you can see, this is our shower. No real commentary here other than 5% of my waking life is spent squeegeeing that glass. Rugs are from Burke Decor.

bathroom7 I'll take credit for installing that walnut toilet seat, thank you very much! It has magic powers and closes very very slowly so you never have to hear the toilet seat slam shut. The print is by Sarah Intemann, vintage candle sticks from here and we don't know who that young boy is but he watches us pee.

bathroom8 Here's a lil' shelving vignette to the side of our sink. It's where I keep my makeup brushes, my foo foo juice (as my dad calls it) and our pet gator.

bathroom11 Awwwe shit. Here's the custom basin/vanity that Jack and I designed! We used a chest from Crate and Barrel combined with a tile top, vessel sink and wall mount faucet. There are a lot of cheesy-ass vanities out there and this was the way to go fo' shizzle. Lighting is from Schoolhouse Electric. I found the vintage toothbrush holder here which is perfect since it's from the '20s (when our house was built).

bathroom10 Here's a shot from when you enter our room at the top of the steps. If/when I ever share pics of the rest of our house you will see that another major part of our remodel was replacing all doors and windows and adding all new trim/base/crown.

bathroom4 My back still hurts from lifting them in there so I hope you enjoy this photo thoroughly.

Well there you have it! One room down, twelve to go.