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basement love

carla fahden

I went to check the mail last night and had received a postcard from our basement. That's right, our basement. It misses me. And man, do I miss it. This week has been absolutely crazy-busy for me, so Jack, Fern and I have not had our usual downtime in our wonderfully cozy basement.

We were lucky enough to buy a home with a newly remodeled space down under, so all we had to do was hang a mongo flat screen and buy a comfy sofa. I haven't done a whole lot of decorating down there but plan to once we win the lottery.

Anyway, like I said, I haven't had my usual fix of laziness this week. I thought maybe I could make it up to our lonely basement with one or two new goodies to spruce the space up. Amongst my picks are some awesome Tim Burton playing cards, a somewhat pornographic serving tray, a crafty new coffee table book (to keep me occupied while Jack watches his boring-ass sports), and a gorilla/robot ashtray so cool that I might just have to take up smoking (ok, not really).

Here are mis favoritas:

Feist & Spoon Poster (sold out, but let's pretend it's not), Mother and Child Classic Tray, Mollaspace Rabbit Shot Glass, Readymade Book, Racing Car (for our cute nephew Nolan to play with), Richard Nixon Throw, Areaware Robotrilla, Tim Burton's Playing Cards, Vintage Globe - I found this so long ago on Etsy and now it's sold out... boohoo,Block Lamp, Cashmere Knit Pillow, Reynolds Floor Lamp

And lastly, what basement isn't complete without a cuddly snuggle bug like our dear Fern? Here is her school picture taken at daycare a couple of weeks ago.

Photo by Modern Life Photography