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carla fahden

You know how when you're sick but are trying to look like you're not so you load on the

bronzer and blush? Then you get into the bathroom at work and you're like butt white? What's up with that?

Friends, I DON'T FEEL GOOD. I am such a baby when I'm sick and since Jack is in San Diego for work and Fern and Rosy are tired of listening to me bitch, I thought I'd whine to you guys.

I have a piercing headache - it feels like someone shoved a bunch of crushed aluminum cans into my ears. One nostril is totally clogged, the other is totally raw and my throat feels like it's coated in steel wool. UGH, I want to drop kick whoever invented this virus.

In other news, here are some goodies that match my complexion today, only much much prettier. Like any other mature 33 year old woman, I sometimes like to pound a good bag of Cheetos, so you won't find many white things in our house. But I do love the idear of decking a room out completely in white. How fresh and serene and peaceful, hey?

white interior design, best blog 2012
1) wendy lamp 2) chloe throw 3) fox 4) louis ghost chair 5) cowhide rug 6) harry table