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back, baby!

carla fahden

Ummm, where the shit have I been?! Shame on me. I have NEVER gone this long without blogging and oh how I have missed it so. It has been really nice to hear from you all and I appreciated the emails asking wha' happened to ol' Color Me Carla.

So you wanna know wha' happened!? A muther eff-ing house remodel that started 11 weeks ago and is still going. We were told it would be a 4-5 week process... cha right. We are finally starting to see some actual esthetic progress, though, which is refreshing since they spent the first several weeks dicking around with heating, plumbing and other behind the scenes shit we couldn't actually SEE. Now we have things like fireplace tile, a wallpapered bathroom, a walk in closet, refinished floors, NEW TOILETS and more. So yeah, our mornings have been devoted to shooting the shit with the nice fellas that show up at the butt crack of dawn and I haven't been able to work on the bloggie poo. But now I'm away at my parents' for a relaxing five day break on the lake, sooo HERE. I. AM!

Now that we have that update outta the way, let's talk about something fun like rustic and affordable lighting! Our mudroom is stacked high with light fixtures waiting to get installed and among the mix are some pieces from Worley's Lighting (#4 and #5 below). We're going to hang the caged pendant in our little hall to the bathroom (which has a hanging white barn door that I am prettaaaay excited about). And the rustic wall sconces will be wall mounted and used as our bedside reading lights (they even added dimmers for us... I LOVE DIMMERS). Check out their shop for all sorts of unique lighting options to add some rustic flair to your pad.

Have a good weekend, yo!  Oh, and don't give up on CMC... I will be back full force once our house is finished in "two weeks."

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