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Baby Boy : 04.24.14

carla fahden

Greetings from Northern Wisconsin where I'm maxin' and relaxin' at my parents' cabin. I've got two big werk trips coming up to LA and NYC and was lucky enough to be able to squeeze in five days of R&R beforehand.

It's actually snowing here, if you can believe it, but it ain't no skin off this broad's back because my plan for the next few days is to stay in my PJs, allow myself to surf the interwebs for hours at a time without feeling guilty and study the stack of pregnancy books that have been staring at me for the past several months.

Jack and I are finally getting our booties in gear and are preparing the nursery, researching carseats, learning what a mucus plug is (not disgusting at all), etc. The first step in getting our nursery ready is having a mini-split heating and cooling unit installed since I had our contractors rip the ugly floor unit out during the remodel. I really cannot think of a sexier way to spend $2,000 than on a heating and cooling unit. Jack suggested maybe investing in this wallpaper instead but I was like um, yeah, no… I'd definitely rather get a mini-split heating and cooling unit installed.

After that expensive bad boy is installed, we are going to add a big built-in shelving/cabinet/window bench unit on one of the four walls to not only provide some mad storage but to disguise the aforementioned heating and cooling unit (how many times have I said "unit" now?) behind some timeless white painted wood and copper mesh. And THEN we can start buying the fun stuff.

So welcome to a new reoccurring post here on ol' Color Me Carla entitled 'Baby Boy'. I'll be sharing all sorts of stuff that I'd like to buy with our imaginary bank account. The raccoon sweater is in honor of the poor critter that the police had to come SHOOT on our property after Rosy got into a gnarly fight a few weeks ago. True story.

Mmmk, time to go read up on my "bag of waters" and other foreign pregnancy terms.

colormecarla042414 1) hand puppets 2) socks 3) cashmere raccoon sweater 4) rabbit nightlight 5) swaddling muslin 6) finn rocker 7) summer crop pant