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Baby Boy : 05.28.14

carla fahden

Man, complete strangers sure like to give a lot of attention to pregnant chicks. I am sure there are preggies out there who love it, and that's great and all. But I for one am not one of them. Sure, I can handle the polite smile here and there. But I can't handle random kids pointing at my belly and then listening to their moms explain "SHE'S HAVING A BABY, HONEY!!!" I also can't handle having a random dude yell in the parking lot (to absolutely nobody, mind you) "DAMN, YO. SHE PREGNANT." And I pretty much wanted to crawl under the meat counter and die last night when a random woman at Whole Foods asked me when was due, what the gender is and whether or not this is my first (hey butcher, hurry up with my chorizo sausages so I can get away from this lady.)

So, um... yeah.

In other news, we've finally ordered a bunch of stuff for the nursery. The crib came last night and the heating and cooling unit has finally been installed. My trusty wallpaper lady is not available until mid-July, so the room isn't going to really come to life until the little fella is almost here. But overall we are way more prepared than we were a couple of weeks ago so my nervous ass is calming down a bit.

Below are a bunch of patterns and textures I'm trying to incorporate into the room. Overall, we're investing in fabric, wallpaper, rugs and window treatments that have longevity and fit with the rest of our house. Number 5 is the aforementioned wallpaper that I have coveted for YEARS. I am so excited to finally have a room to use it in. I am happy we are having a boy for many reasons but an added bonus is that I AM OBSESSED WITH ALL THINGS BLUE! I can't wait to clothe the little guy in chambray overalls, wipe his chin with light blue burp cloths and get a full 8-10 hours of sleep while Jack feeds and changes him all night long in the mostly blue nursery.


1) mandu lapis 2) gradiation ticking 3) chambray pelicans 4) hibiscus gold 5) collette 6) pin dot 7) abstract print 8) zig dhurrie 9) shield decorative 10) faux fur 11) rabari indigo 12) gray knit