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Baby Boy : 05.01.14

carla fahden

Comin' at you live here from my hotel bed where I just had a scary-ass dream about baby Fahden. In the dream, Jack and I had some friends over and were chillaxing in the screened porch. I took the little squirt upstairs to change him (the baby, not Jack) and laid him on the floor of his bedroom. I reached to get a diaper and when I turned back, he was gone! GONE! I tried yelling downstairs to Jack but my voice wouldn't work.

Not too long ago I had a different dream that I gave birth but immediately had to get back to work. So I wrapped the guy in some paper toweling (I should mention he was about 2" big and very wet), stuck him in my purse and headed back to the office. Throughout the day I'd peek in my purse to make sure he was doing okay with the plan to go back to the hospital at 5:00pm so they could cut his belly button or whatever. The dream ended with him taking a wiz in my handbag.

ARE THESE DREAMS NORMAL!? What's happening to me!? I kid. I know they're normal thanks to my trusty books with big naked bellies on the cover. I am hoping that as we continue to work on the nursery and actually buy some things on our list (nipples! butt wipes!), these weird dreams will subside.

On that note, here are some of the cute things I'd like for our babe.

1) baby goat print 2) cashmere stripe two-piece 3) bashful owl 4) laundry hamper

5) baby lotion 6) baby oil 7) cashmere baby blanket