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Be My Little Baby

carla fahden

Happy Valentine's Day, peeps. I made it back

to Minnesota and am so happy to be in my own bed with Jack and the pups!

Today I am here to break the news that next Valentine's Day I will have not just one, but two special fellas in my life. That's right folks, Jack and

I are having a baby boy this summa! I normally don't share too many personal deets on this blog (unless you consider my favorite color or my obsession with Ortega tacos to be personal), but since I plan to start sharing nursery plans and cute duds I wanna buy for the little man, I figure I better let you know that I have a tiny human growing in my belly. I'm about four months along and he is the size of a russet potato. One time

he was the size of an olive which was kind of an uncomfortable thing to find out because I really like eating olives.

Ok then, so that's that.

Onto decorating idears which need to start getting implemented STAT. Aside from the nice decorating books my mom gave me for Christmas and the occasional tasteful baby room I come across on Pinterest, there is a serious abundance of tackiness out there. What's with all of the chevron and sentimental quotes stenciled on the walls? Holy Hell.

Here are some images to give you an idea of what we are going for. Neutral (shock), not overly "baby" and just all around calm and peaceful. If any of you know of good blogs or interior inspo sites for baby rooms, PLEASE MESSAGE ME!

Okay babycakes, have a good weekend.

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