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babelicious beauty buys

carla fahden

This one goes out to the ladies (and the dudes that are into beauty products). Who all watched the Bachelor last night? I think we're in for a good season (or "the most romantic season in Bachelor history" as our boy Chris Harrison will say). How about that Fifty Shades of Grey chick? Or the chick that did the weird gymnastics move and bit it on the pavement? Yikes.

Watching two hours of made-up ladies squeezed into gaudy dresses got me thinking about my own beauty routine and favorite products. I am a sucker for pretty packages, crisp clean scents and anything that makes me feel like a rich princess when I use it. Here are some favorites I have had for years and a couple of newbies that I just started using (deets below).

1) Burberry Brit is the shit. I've worn it forever. I've tried other fragrances and they make me sneeze. It's classic, fresh and has a plaid bottle.

2) My dermatologist recommends only two things: Vitamin C and Retin-A (I never thought I'd be talking about Retin-A on this blog). These are the only two things actually clinically proven to keep your skin healthy and looking its best. And Cheetos. Lots and lots of Cheetos. This product leaves your skin moisturized, soft and glow-y and is definitely worth the monies.

3) With the exception of my drug store mascara, all of my cosmetics are Bobbi Brown. I love the natural colors, the products last forever and the bitches that work at the counters are always super helpful. I've used this Shimmer Blush in Flame for ages.

4) This is a new one. I picked up a bottle of Thayers Witch Hazel Toner at Whole Foods purely because I have always loved the packaging and was curious what the product would be like. I use it after I get out of the shower and it feels like I just got done taking a dip in the Caribbean and am sailing around on my yacht with a crisp breeze blowing on my face.

5) If I could only put on one thing in the morning, this would be it. My Bobbi Brown Tulle lipstick is with me at all times. If you're a guy reading this and want to make jokes about the R&B singer Bobby Brown, call up Jack... he's got some good ones.

6) Just got this Clarisonic Cleanser for Christmas and I AM IN LOVE! I use it in the shower and at night and it makes my skin feel like a baby's ass.

7) More Bobbi Brown. I'm not sure why the web description says "NEW"... I've had this lip balm since before we got married. $19 for lip balm? Yeah. And I've had it for four years, so youdo the math.

Shit that was long.