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going ape

carla fahden

SQUEEEEEL! Oh my gawd, you guys!

Meet Sharon Montrose.

Sharon is the talented photographer behind these absolutely stunning photos of every variety of animal you can think of. I love how pristine, quiet and sophisticated these images are, they almost feel like a still life illustration or painting. How cool would it be to make a living photographing cute, cuddly animals all day!? Animal lovers, be sure to poke around her website and look at the "behind the scenes" photos - so fun! And if you are interested in purchasing a print, check out her shop.

Here are some of my faves...

And here's how purdy her images look hanging up! Someday I would love to have a huge one hanging on the 12' wall in our entry to greet our guests.

all images via Sharon Montrose

For updates on Sharon's work, be sure to follow her blog!