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anthro obsession

carla fahden

Hot diggity damn. For what has seemed like an eternity, I have been trying to figure out how to upload photos so they appear larger in my posts. I have finally cracked the code (literally) and from now on you should be able to enjoy posted photos in all of their high-res glory. Yes!

To celebrate, I thought I'd post some of my favorite items from my favorite store of all time: Anthropologie.

Yes, ever since the first time I laid eyes on their window display, I was hooked. I remember it clearly: I had just moved to Minneapolis upon graduating college. I had landed a VERY fancy job as a Media Analyst and needed some new threads. Wide-eyed and straight-haired, I set out to find this "Southdale Mall" I had been hearing about. I was barreling down France Avenue in my old green Jeep and remember spotting a very crafty window display full of unique clothing and home decor. I immediately pulled over and got lost inside. Their stock has been rising ever since.

I could go on forever about their clothing, but am going to restrain myself to their home stuff. While the spendy chairs, rugs and window panels keep me drooling on a regular basis, so do the more affordable doo-dads like their hardware, pillows and kitchen things. It is a great resource for little pieces that will give your place some character. I almost always leave their store with a new knob or dish towel.

Enjoy these pixel-packed photos of my favorites!

Ring of Light Lamp,Rhys Ottoman,Barking Dog Sketch, Bubbled Glass Doorknob, Enchanted Buck Measuring Cups,Lunet Chair

Redsmith Dining Chairs,Teapot Pendant,Calico Owl Knob,Driftwood Hurricane,Glass Melon Knob,Buttonwood Curtain

Twiggy Serving Set,Voice One Loudspeaker,Violette Knob,Savannah Story Bust,Marabou Boa Pillow,Josef Wingback Chair