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all play and no work

carla fahden

Sadly, this is the last full day of our summer vacay in Wisconsin. It's been a week of beautiful weather, great home-cooking, and lots of dips in the lake for Fernie. Tomorrow it's back to workie poo and my ongoing effort to get the million decorating projects I have started WRAPPED UP. I have been slowly working on every room in our house for almost a year now and am officially going on the record saying that everything will be done (bathroom remodel included) by August 28.

Sooo anyhoo, right before we left town, I ordered an office chair for our den (just like the one in the first photo below). I am anxious to put the bad boy together and introduce it to the spiffy new desk I recently purchased. Then it's just a matter of finding a few special accessories, and the room will be complete. Below are some inspiring home offices that have got me excited to get our den finished up.

interior design blog | home office5
Interior Design by Ellie Somerville

interior design blog | home office4
Interior Design by Colleen Locke

interior design blog | home office3
Interior Design by Trip Haenisch

interior design blog | home office2
Interior Design by Frank Muytjens

interior design blog | home office
Interior Design by Angel Dormer