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all horned animals go to heaven

carla fahden

Yes, you could say that using antlers for home decor is very "on trend." But I think it's a very classic and timeless look. Not to mention preppy and rustic and just pretty much all around amazing. I LOVE ANTLERS. I am up at my parents' cabin for the weekend and we just got back from the neatest shop full of antiques and random finds. The owner had lots of antlers mounted to the wall to but unfortunately they were used to sell jewelry and I couldn't buy them.

We already have a cute rack I bought off Etsy mounted above our flat screen, but I am searching for more to incorporate into other rooms. When you think about it, I suppose it's a little weird that I paid a random person via Paypal and they shipped me the appendages of a dead animal. But whatever, they look awesome. And I'm not the only one that likes hanging antlers. Below are some examples of horns in homes.

I'm off to a Friday night fish fry, peace out!

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