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a tribal adventure

carla fahden

Hi. I am so sorry my pretties. I have been MIA lately due to the warm weather and a fluffy muppet named Fern who insists I play outside with her before devoting time to the internet. I am sure my posts aren't going to be as frequent now that summer is here, but I will make make a good effort to blog as often as I can.

Tomorrow I am venturing over to St. Paul to view some vintage tribal rugs owned by a collector-type fella (who sounds like Mr. Rodgers on the phone). I am really hoping to find one for our living room that doesn't cost an arm and a leg and is in good shape. In spirit of tribal rugs, here is a random mood board inspired by a pretty (expensive) tribal runner from ABC carpet).

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Snowflake Lightshade 1000 Pendant Lamp, Russian

Karabagh, Large Vintage Antler, Light In The Fog Votive, Vitra Eames Elephant Miniature, Phrenology Cotton Canvas Pillow, Sent Sofia Ottoman