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a table after my own heart

carla fahden

Let's say there was a magical place out there where Jack, Fern and I could go for a day. We would float around on a gigantic cheese curd, and fairies would fly by and drop caramel apples in our mouths. There would be unlimited amounts of root beer (but it would be magical healthy root beer). All of the characters from Fantastic Mr. Fox would be there and they would just run around and play with Fern and be cute. Jack and I would watch re-runs of Felicity (and he would enjoy it as much as he does football). Marcel the shell with shoes on would also be there. Are you getting a good visual of this place? Sounds pretty awesome, right?

Now let's say I had a choice between going there for a day and having this table. As absurd as this is going to sound, I would choose the table. THAT IS HOW MUCH I LOVE THIS TABLE! It would be perfect in our house. I would pair it with some modern minimal chairs, plop my happy bum down, and stare at the adorable birds for hours on end.

Here she is.

Birds In Flight - Alder Butcherblock Dining Table

I love the look of pairing a table with chairs that don't necessarily "match" as shown here...
Modern Dining Rooms

So if my dream ever comes true and I get the pretty bird table, I would maybe pair it with chairs like this.
Wrap Dining Chair