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Nurseries I Find To Be Well-Decorated (and no, I'm not prego)

carla fahden

Yo gabba gabba. Today we are here to look at some cute nurseries I have come across while perusing Pinterest.

As you can imagine, being the 37 year old wife and mom living in Orono, Minnesota who designs wedding stationery and randomly blogs somewhere between 3 and 47 times a year that I am, I have quite a few fans that approach me on a daily basis. Whether I’m walking down the street or at my favorite hotel or restaurant-type place*, I often get interrupted by people who want to give me ideas for blog posts. So this one is for all of you lovely fans out there who have asked me to round up a variety of nurseries that make use of pattern and color in a very unexpected yet charming way. 

All of you regular readers out there know that I am a sucker for blue. If we had had a baby girl, that baby girl was gonna have gender identity issues because she was getting a blue room. No pink chevron over at La Casa Fahden. Anyhoo, I love this room. I can't remember, because my brain was a foggy prego d-zone when I was designing Woody's room, but I believe this image served as inspiration when we had his cabinet/bench/bookshelf thing made. I love the sconces attached at the top of the shelves and also love the big-ass neutral artwork that breaks-up the crazy wallpaper. 

I really just can't get enough of this room. Seriously, I pinned it a while ago for a guest post I did on Emily Henderson (shameless plug), and I keep coming back to my pinboard and staring at it. TWO different wallpapers? Wallpaper on the CEILING? I just love it so much. 

If I were that little rabbit I'd sit cocked toward this amazing wallpaper all day too. I love this crazy mix of patterns with a hit of bright red - on a moodboard, it would look like a hot mess, but it totally all comes together. 

So I guess wallpaper is a theme in this round-up. I love that this is probably a girl's room (pink sheets) but the majority of the space (wallpaper, furniture) is blue. I also love the crazy mix of patterns and how nostalgic this looks. 

This space is so posh - remove the LOVE pillow and teddy bear and it barely looks like a kiddo's room. Which is what I love about it. Also, I am finding I really like pops of bright red. ALSO I like that the stuff on top of the dresser does not look styled or staged. It just looks like the top of a normal dresser owned by a normal person with normal stuff.

Okay, this room is kinda creepy-granny-smelly-vintage looking and the cat with a somewhat lazy eye ain't helping. But I do admire how charming and non-traditional it is.  

Nothing fancy here but that's why I like it. This space shows one thing seldom nurseries do - RESTRAINT. As I type this, Woody is crawling all over me pointing to the photo yelling MONKEY MONKEY MONKEY so we must move on.

So I didn't even know what I was looking at when I first found this pic. Was it one of those trendy terrariums people put trendy succulents in? Was it a climbing wall? No! It was a dope-ass nursery like no other. Look at that fake cactus! And the weird giraffe art! And the sophisticated plaid blanket. So much cool stuff going on here. That wall art stuff is unbelievable. 

Lastly, here are some shots of our nursery. 

This room is a weird shape and was hard to photograph, but you get the jist. I am happy to report that at 20 months (I think he’s 20 months? When can we stop counting months and just say "one and a half"?) Woody very much respects my decorating work and nicely puts his books and toys away when finished playing. I am also happy to report that the cabinet under the built-in bench has served as a very fun hide-and-go-seek spot. But I digress. For more shots of our nursery, click here

K, there you have it folks. Some non-cheesy, cute nurseries!

Bah BYE! 

*If you caught that Major League reference, you are a genius and we should get together and watch it and drink root beer and recite all the lines together.