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Roundup : Street Style

carla fahden

And now it’s time for that part where I post a bunch of pictures of chicks wearing super cute outfits that I wouldn’t mind wearing myself. 

Stop, drop and your well-dressed ass over here, gurl. I’ll take your plaid coat, ripped jeans, weird mock turtleneck and whatever it is you’ve got slung over your shoulder, I’m sure it’s cute. I guess that would leave you nakie which is awkward but I have to have this entire look including the middle part in your hair.

This oversized sweater is just too good to be true. While bulky, unrevealing and undoubtedly warm, it doesn’t scream “I’M A TOMBOY” like most of the sweaters in my closet. I suppose it doesn’t hurt that she’s wearing a cute skirt with her tiny little legs showing, but whatever, I think it’d look adorbs paired with some skinny high waisted jeans as well. 

This little neckerchief thing is a newish trend and definitely up my alley. And while these kinds of trends take like two years to make it to the midwest, our dogs have been rocking this look for like FIVE YEARS. I purchased a navy blue neckerchief myself not too long ago and plan to wear it when the weather gets nice but will not have my blouse unbuttoned this far. Sorry fellas. 

See, here’s another one of those neckerchiefs. Who looks good walking down the street with clenched fists and jeans that are too baggy in the crotch? ME. Kidding. This girl does. 

I’m a sucker for blouses buttoned all the way up and tucked into high rise jeans. And while it’s a look I sport from time to time, I can’t pull off the blazer/tucked-in combo, so bonus points for this girl.

Fitted overalls, Birks and a leather camel cross-body? Whatchu talking about Willis? Willis is talking about my dream uniform. Except every time I wear my bibs, Jack makes a joke about me stealing them from Woody’s closet. How can you leave the house with confidence when you husband likens you to a toddler boy? 

While I wouldn’t be caught dead in a skirt this length, a girl can dream. I would be caught dead in those checked socks though… not that you’d have to catch me, because I’d be dead and unable to move. 

There you have it, a bunch of pictures of chicks wearing super cute outfits that I wouldn’t mind wearing myself.

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