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Our House : Exterior Inspiration

carla fahden

Sometimes when cooking din din, I like to ask Jack what the best part of his day was and what the weirdest part of his day was. No need to discuss the worst part of anyone’s day because after werk all I wanna do is enjoy our brief 60 minutes with Woody before he goes to bed at 7p, feed the pups and then have a glass of wine, cook dinner and fall asleep 14 minutes into Baskets, Better Call Saul, Vinyl, The People vs OJ Simpson, Top Chef, The Affair, The Challenge orrrr any of the other 500 shows we attempt to watch. Note: The only show I do actually force myself to stay awake for is The Bachelor because if I don’t keep up with the general public on that one it gets spoiled when I overhear water cooler talk at werkplace. 

Tangent alert. 

Back to telling you about the best part/weirdest part of my day since you so kindly asked! The best part of my day (yesterday) was when Jack and I decided to pull the trigger on a bunch of exterior work to our house. The weirdest part of my day was that I forgot to wear deodorant so it just kinda made me feel (extra) self conscience all day. Another weird part of my day was when the woman working the drive thru at Mc Donald’s (YES I LIKE TO GO THERE ONCE IN A WHILE FOR A FOUNTAIN COKE CLASSIC) told me she wished she had a monarch butterfly sitting on her shoulder.  

Alright, enough with the long-ass introduction, let’s talk about the EXTERIOR OF OUR HOUSE! For those keeping track, we bought our home a couple years ago and did a big renovation to the interior but haven’t done squat to the exterior or yard. Last summer we finally paved our long gravel driveway and put in a new sidewalk as a fallen tree uprooted our old one. Basically we spent a nice chunk of change on the most un-sexy things money can buy. Well, we’re gonna make up for it this year by investing in some SEXY-ASS upgrades. We’re talking new paint, shutters, window boxes… NEW GUTTERS, ANYONE?! Hot. 

Our home is over 100 years old and I suppose would be called a farmhouse - although it’s been added onto four times so it’s kind of a hodge podge. Aesthetically, it has similar features to the houses below (classic and simple), so we’re going for a timeless black and white theme with some touches of wood. We’ll be painting the whole house white (including trim) and adding new black shutters (debating going super high-gloss/lacquered). Ideally we’d do walnut doors/garage door and window boxes and we MIGHT just replace the nameplate that says “BANICK” by our side door (not left behind from the previous owners, mind you, but the owners BEFORE them). 

Oh, we also plan to resurrect the sorely neglected garden in our front yard. Then my fairy-tail-imaginary-daydream can come true where Woody frolics out to pick some fresh veggies for dinner while I gracefully take homemade biscuits out of the oven in my vintage free-flowing floral frock. 

Below is a round-up of inspiration that has been giving me monarch butterflies in my stomach. 

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