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Currently Coveting : Pretty Purses

carla fahden

Why is that you rarely want to spend money on items you use or wear every single day? And by you, I mean me. 

While I’m the first to drop a pretty penny on a lamp that will sit unseen in our guest room 348 days out of the year, I rarely wanna pony up money for socks, new baking sheets or a new mattress - all things I use on the regular.

Jack and I just had our seventh wedding anniversary. For our entire marriage we have used a blue Scotch Brite Non-Scratch sponge to wash dishes (no, they didn’t pay me to say this but I wouldn’t be mad if they did). I grew up in a sponge household. We did not use those bristle-brush-handle-auto-soap-dispenser-thingies. Anytime I’m forced to use one (like at someone’s cabin or when I volunteer to do dishes at a party like I so often do), I HATE IT. The soap barely comes out and the bristles always have gross chunks of food stuck in them. Sick. I am a fan of the good ol’ fashion sponge. If it starts to smell, put it in the dishwasher or replace it and stop hating on it already.

Jack, on the other hand, HATES sponges. He grew up in a bristle-brush-handle-auto-soap-dispenser-thingy household and is repulsed by our trusty blue sponges (I’m going somewhere with this, I swear). It’s probably because I’m the one who keeps track of and shops for cleaning supplies in our household that I’ve gotten my way all these years, but bless his heart for getting his hands wet and using the blue sponges. If the situation were reversed, lawd knows I would just boycott dishes duty if I had to use the stinky brush thing.

So yeah, seven years go by and then Jack goes to the grocery store the other day and guess what he brings home? A 99 cent bristle-brush-handle-auto-soap-dispenser-thingy. For those who are still reading this riveting story, this brings us back to my first point. That man took it upon himself to invest in an item he uses every day. If I had a penny for every time I've heard him say how much he loves his new scrubber, we could buy another!

MAMA IS IN NEED OF A NEW DAY-TO-DAY PURSE. It’s one of those things I just keep putting off because it seems like such a BIG DECISION. But how much use do us ladies get out of our purses? How many times a day do you take it on and off and dig through it? LOTS. We owe it to ourselves to switch it up now and then.


What do you look for when shopping for a purse, Carla? 
(Here’s the part where I interview myself)

Crossbodies are my jam. Shoulder bags just slip right down my shoulder and when you’re toting a toddler around on your hip, ain’t nobody got time to keep readjusting a purse strap. I also like my purse to have an inner pocket so I can easily locate my go-to items (lipstick and pager). Lastly, I like genuine, high quality leather. It doesn’t stain and it lasts FOREVA. 

And what DON’T you like in a purse? Come on, do tell. 

Thanks for asking! I do not like flashy metal bits (like buckles and zippers and such). I also don’t like suede, but that’s just in general… suede shoes, purses, undies, you name it. The feeling of suede gives me the willies. 


There you have it folks. All you ever wanted to know about my purse preferences and some super fun deets about the sponge situation in our household. 

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