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Cute Stuff from Sweet William

carla fahden

Just when I thought I was doing pretty good (and being financially responsible) picking out unique duds for Woody from Old Navy, H&M and Baby Gap, I had to go and find Sweet William, an online boutique chock-full of adordable children's clothing. When I was prego, I was all about these unique little sites full of $98 cashmere sweaters and $58 organic cotton bodysuits. I'd daydream about all the outfits I'd dress our little bundle of joy in - a little bundle of joy who never spit up, had blowouts (ew) or... grew. Well then we had Woody and I realized you have to change your baby's outfit like 5 times a day and then buy him a completely new wardrobe every six weeks because they grow so stinkin' fast. I sound like a "live and learn and then get luvs" commercial. 

Let's back tha eff up - a lot has happened since I last posted. Olivia was finally sent home on The Bachelor. Two teams played in the Superbowl who I may or may not know the names of. The seasons have changed... like, um, four times. 
Woody is now walking and talking, eating solid foods and has recently taken to calling me "dada." He is also at an age where one outfit/day will suffice and mentioned to me recently that he'd like to start making his style a little more unique by introducing a few pieces from Sweet William

As for this round-up, we're all stocked up on stuffed animals in this house (and let's be honest, I think these kinda toys are more for looking nice on a bookshelf than being your toddler's favorite toy). But the rest of the items are actually reasonably priced (mostly on sale) and will have the ladies at school flocking.

What's that? You were hoping for a couple of shameless plugs? K. I'm now a (soon to be weekly) contributor for Emily Henderson and also just launched an exclusive stationery collab with Stone Fox Bride... so feel free to get engaged and hire me to design your invitations.

That's all for today. Toodles.

Stripes Socks 2) Black Sheep Mama 3) Silas Summertime Sweatershirt 4) Kids Chambray Pant  5) Bobo Choses Sweatshirt 6) Nightwear 7) Horses Beanie 8) Pencil Case 9) Youth Brown Owl  10) Hyena-Narwhal Tee 11) Oliver Swim Pants 12) Simple Tee