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happy times

carla fahden

Yo Gabba Gabba! It's Color Me Carla here, comin' at you LIVE from the beautiful, bird-chirpin' land of Orono, MN!

Friends, I am LOVING it at our new house SO MUCH. Yes, everything is a total mess, it took us 90 minutes to find our coffee pot yesterday and I spent a good portion of the weekend wearing Jack's boxer briefs because I couldn't find my leggings (very attractive), but let me tell you: the views, sounds and hundreds of tall trees make up for it (shit, that was a long sentence).

I've been scouring the net lately trying to find images of spaces I like that have carpet. We're still debating whether or not we want to put carpet or hardwood into the new master suite that's going in upstairs (thoughts?). I've only found a couple so far, so I'm throwing in a couple-o-random spaces I like as well. Now if you don't mind, I'm off to gaze out the window at the pink sky over the lake!

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